Ciao 21

On October 1st, 2015 I turned 22 years old.

It was one for the books to say the least. It was filled with lovely faces, hilarious games, homemade cake, and countless surprises.


Birthday’s are perfect for taking cute pictures

But despite all of the incredible things that filled that day, the moment that I cherished most was around 5:30 AM when I was able to reflect on this past year as the sun slowly peeked over the horizon.12004819_10200929309791637_1348083932850167529_n

Some of my thoughts from that morning:

One year ago I was celebrating my birthday in Disney World with my mom, second mom, and best friend. We were able to laugh, eat good food, and forget about the life we left behind for 7 short days.


And I was desperate to forget that life.

This wasn’t because of anyone’s doing but rather me stubbornly sitting in one spot hoping to move forward.

People loved me well and I rejected it.

People tried to pull me out of a pit that I insisted I could get out of on my own.

People never gave up even though I desperately wanted them to.

And then God rescued me.

And when He rescued me I had a choice: I could continue to live stubbornly and give Him only pieces of my heart or I could fully commit all of my being to Him. Now this isn’t where my journey with The Lord started but it was the moment that my faith was redefined.  I wasn’t going to base this precious relationship by the circumstances of my life or the world. But rather I was diving deep into not just a committed relationship but a marriage that was going to withstand any and all things that would come our way.

So, 21 looked terrifying and beautiful. It looked empty and full. And it also looked boring and adventurous.

It started with me masking pain while riding Splash Mountain at the happiest place on earth and ended with me drenched in sweat while dancing in the Amazon rain forest.


Laura and I cuttin’ a rug at my Ecuadorian birthday party

Countless adventures were had in between but the Lord’s faithfulness and persistent pursuit is what leaves me in awe.

As I am leaving 21 behind, I am eager to see what 22 has to offer because I am confident that I will be left amazed yet again.


Me on The Swing at the End of the World in Banos, Ecuador

::Take Care::



5 thoughts on “Ciao 21

  1. Awesome KATHERINE! “Countless adventures were had in between but the Lord’s faithfulness and persistent pursuit is what leaves me in awe.” I love that! Praise be to God! And Happy 22, it’s a good year!

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